today Monday 20 April 2020

I am reading The Yellow House by Sarah M Broom. I have just finished Margaret Simons’ Cry Me A River: The tragedy of the Murray-Darling Basin (Quarterly Essay #77).

I wrote a piece for the Forced Adoptions History Project over the weekend. It will be moderated and put up in the near future; there are many contributions from people affected by forced adoption available to be read on this website.

I shall be writing a short piece for a project My Inside Voice, an anthology about creativity in isolation. Whether it is accepted for publication is another question!

Also shall be co-writing another paper for the research project about nurses’ storytelling for which I am a research assistant.

The next memoir express workshop will be videoconferenced, which should be ‘interesting’. It will be on 10 May, which I’ve just noticed is also Mother’s Day in Australia. I haven’t started rewriting/reworking my memoir as yet. The pandemic hasn’t cajoled me to do so, but the short piece written for the Forced Adoptions Project above was a nudge.

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